Right to Remain Workshop, “Dioramas with Karen Ward,” VANDU, July 24, 2014

Dioramas with Karen Ward

Date: July 24, 2014

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: VANDU, 380 E. Hastings St.



Our second workshop was produced on July 24, at Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU). Overall this workshop was also a creative success with interesting dioramas being made with captivating titles like, “Homeland Security” and “Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Centre”.


Everyone seemed invigorated when during the workshop we received the news of the Powell Street Festival’s announcement to support the Tent City camp at Oppenheimer Park. The announcement seemed to strike a chord in many of us. The link between the RRCF project vision and the current climate in the DTES of people protesting and using their voices to speak out against displacement seems to be part of a growing historical and current awareness around ‘the Right to Remain’.


In spite of this, we have to acknowledge and learn from certain challenges. Even though this was a larger set up, with more space and supplies, this particular workshop seemed to hold less capacity and had fewer participants than the first. This may be because VANDU is a very active space, and we encountered many distractions that were out of our control at the time, such as participants actively using and coping with mental health and other health issues.

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