Right to Remain Workshop, “Displacement Inside and Out, Storyboards with Andy Mori,” Aboriginal Front Door, July 17, 2014

Displacement Inside and Out, Storyboards with Andy Mori

Date: July 17, 2014

Time: 2:00 PM

Location: Aboriginal Front Door, 384 Main St. RJ-0086 The RRCF team that includes workshop facilitators Karen Ward, Herb Varley, Quin Martins and Andy Mori, as well as filmmaker Greg Masuda and Research Assistant Trevor Wideman and Coordinator Ali Lohan has developed in an organic but cohesive way. A good working relationship has formed between the core team and to some degree these links are testament to the new alliances being formed within the larger context of the project.   Promotion for these workshops has used various strategies: word of mouth, postering handbills, the RRCF button/logo, personal verbal invites, the front cover of the Carnegie Newsletter, emails, social media. All of these grassroots methods have successfully brought attention to RRCF and are also in alignment with the spirit of the project and neighbourhood.   Despite some logistical delays in finalizing the workshop dates and venues our first Human Rights Art Workshop facilitated by Andy Mori at Aboriginal Front Door on July 17 went well. Ten core participants were actively engaged and about 20 participants joined the button making outside on the Art Cart. Artistic outcomes of the workshop were excellent and they included the production of fifteen storyboards with interesting and relevant titles such as, “How did we get from “Everyone is invited” to No One is Allowed” and “Colonized 3 Times”. All the storyboards and buttons were digitally documented.   Some challenges existed, which were: supporting participants responding to workshop content, space logistics, and protocol regarding filming; but the elements to bring together a well executed workshop were in place (i.e. facilitators, supplies, food, RRCF reading materials and project information, signs regarding filming, access to washrooms, disability access, designated areas for art making, documenting, and observing/not participating). RJ-0082

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